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La très jeune et très talentueuse violoniste Sayaka Shoji a plus d'un talent. Après son expérience -encore inachevée- de vidéaste avec Pascal Frament (voir article sur le projet "Synesthesia"), elle fait ses débuts d'artiste peintre dans une importante galerie de Tokyo, la galerie Punctum. A cette occasion, j'a rédigé pour le catalogue de son exposition un petit texte (traduit en anglais par la galerie).
La galerie Wako, une des plus influentes galeries de Tokyo, qui représente entre autres Thomas Schütte, Gerhard Richter, Luc Tuymans ou Mike Kelley, lui a acheté une oeuvre dès le soir du vernissage. C'est plutôt bon signe et encourageant pour la bouillonnante et passionnée Sayaka!

"When I first met the young and frail Sayaka in a café in Paris, she did not talk to me about her violin or magnificent career, but about another dream: to create a video around music, images she had in mind while playing, a tribute to Russia, to Shostakovitch and Tchaikovsky. And little by little, "Synesthesia" was born ... An ambitious project, but Sayaka Shoji fears nothing, fears not to carry her listeners away in her virtuosity when playing, nor to dare to venture into other fields of art. There is a permanent bubbling sensitivity in this young woman and an inner rich and powerful world, a requirement, a curiosity and an unquenchable thirst for the beauty of art.

The music fills her world but not enough. It would require a thousand lives to be in turn an actress, a videographer, a musician and a painter, but because we have only one life, Sayaka has chosen to try everything here and now. And so it is the young painter, not the violinist as we know her, who showed me her works in oil, in her small apartment at rue de Verneuil, close to Saint Germain des Près.

"Synesthesia": The title she selected for the piece on which we are working with the videographer Frament Pascal, was not chosen at random. Sayaka Shoji likes the idea that the arts can meet, just as music draws pictures and those images lead to sensations. And that is what it is in the paintings of Sayaka Shoji, all inspired by her journey within herself and the music she hears, of which she knows the most subtle variations.

Simplicity of form and purity of color then emerge on the canvas, leaving room for the feeling of a memory awakened. When she paints, Sayaka does not listen to music because music is in her. Her painting suggests the mystery that music can produce in us: intimate pictures of a curve, color, pattern, the still picture of a sensation, a landscape. She also paints gestures, the physicality of the work inspired by the music, as in this table based on the second movement of a Violin Concerto by Ligeti, where the hand of the violinist - her own perhaps? - seems to arise this solar and serene landscape. It may also be the power of music, almost magical, like an explosion of colors and suggestive and symbolic shapes which Sayaka experiences in the fourth movement of the Sonata for violin and piano by Prokofiev, or the landscape, almost surreal, inspired by a Sonata Bloch.

"I like that music is not deaf to the song of the wind in the plain and insensitive to the scent of the night," said the french philosopher of Russian origin Vladimir Jankélévitch. Like him, Sayaka Shoji knows that only art can make life a poetic and unfinished act."

Texte pour le catalogue paru à l'occasion de l'exposition de Sayaka Shoji à la Galerie Punctum, Tokyo (Japon)

Exposition du 22 mai au 13 juin 2009

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